Donation Regulations

Donation Regulations

Regulations on granting donations to the Senior Health Foundation

We strive to ensure that the Senior Health Foundation is financed by small contributions from people like you. Thanks to this, the movement we create will be completely independent of external donors. This will only be possible with your participation.

We keep our expenses at a low level. We spend the money we receive from funders on: wages for a team of several people, low office costs, maintenance of the technological infrastructure needed to run the campaign, and activities related to campaigning. By the end of March each year, we make public (through our website) our expenses for the previous year. Financial transparency is very important to us. See the sources of our revenues and the financial report for last year.

If you want to support our activities and deposit money, we accept donations through secure PayU and PayPal payment platforms. Remember, no amount is too small.

Collection method and purpose of using donations

  1. Donations will only be used for activities in line with our statutory objectives.
  2. You can donate for the purpose of the selected campaign, or for the general activities of the Senior Health Foundation.
  3. You can make a donation to a given campaign using the payment module on this campaign’s page.
  4. For some campaigns, we provide a collection goal and a target amount to collect. In this situation, the total amount of money collected is displayed on the campaign page. This amount is not available in real time and may differ from the actual amount of donations at the moment.
  5. If we collect more than we needed, we will use the Senior Health Foundation for statutory purposes.
  6. Donations for general statutory purposes can be made by clicking on the ‘Contribute’ button at
    Donations are handled by payment operators:
    PayU, with its headquarters in Poznań, 182 Grunwaldzka St., 60-166, NIP: 779-23-08-495;
    PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A with its registered office at L-1150 in Luxembourg.
  7. You can make a donation through the payment channels provided by PayU and PayPal, i.e. using an e-transfer, payment card and direct transfer to your account, as well as a transfer at a bank branch or post office.
  8. Your donations can be one-off or regular. If you decide to make a donation regularly, the Payment Operator (PayU S.A) will collect the amount declared by you from your payment card on a monthly basis. Card data is stored by PayU. PayU intermediates in payment by providing a virtual card identifier (Token), which is unique and is assigned to each card.
    You can deposit one of the amounts suggested on the site or any amount you specify.

Personal data

By making a donation, you agree to the processing of personal data for the need to handle the donation, as well as agree to receive electronically information on the activities of the Senior Health Foundation. We collect the following data: name, surname, email address, zip code and donation amount. More information on the collection and processing of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy of the Senior Health Foundation.

Opting out of the donation

  1. Each donor has the right to request a return of the donation within 7 days of its payment. This is in case the money comes to us by accident. To obtain a refund, please write to us at: We will refund your money within a maximum of 30 days. Please include the words: “Opt out of the donation" in the subject of the message.
  2. If you want to opt out of regular payments, you can do so by clicking on the link in the e-mail confirming the donation, which you get every month or by writing to:

Payment security

We protect your deposits with a secure SSL certificate, just like your bank. Thanks to it, all transmitted information is encrypted. We use secure PayU and PayPal payment operators to process your payment.